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Data Analytics Master’s Program

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Masters in Data Analytics Program


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Top Mentor is a Premium Institute dedicated to your Future Career Growth.

Learn from the best Data Analysts in the industry and get hands-on experience with the latest development and techniques to help you land a high-paying job in the field. With our Data Analytics course, you will be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Award winning

'Top Mentor' offers the best Data Analytics course in India making us deserving of our awards.

Technology Driven

Fully Equipped Lab facilitate best Data Analytics training in India. Enquire now to know more.

Experts & Mentors

A Trainer Helps You Learn Data Analytics, But A Mentor Helps You Master it. Do Not Miss Our Mentorship Programs!

Career Strategy

Our Mentors Will Personally Guide You, Help You Find Jobs Ensuring Your Success In Data Analytics Career.

Deepest Syllabus

Our syllabus is designed by top Data Analysts in India keeping best interest of students. It focuses on delivering results and jobs to students.

Future Opportunities

We Have Tie-ups WIth HRs & Placement Agencies. So You Will Get 100% Job Assistance After The End Of The Course.

Some of the Top Highlights of our Data Analytics Course.

Live Mentoring

Live Mentoring

Learn live from real life experienced Data Analysts! Using live online classes also allows for instant feedback, which helps improve student engagement.

Lifetime LMS Access

Lifetime LMS Access

In offline medium, if you miss the class there is no way to see the exact class you missed. Even if you do, the recordings are not there to revise.

100% Practical & Projects Driven Mentoring

100% Practical & Projects Driven Mentoring

Practical Project based learning can often lead to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of personal experience.

1:1 Mentorship

1:1 Mentorship

One-to-one mentorship with mentor brings 2X faster doubt clearing. This setup allows you to build relationship with mentor, ask doubts on the go whenever you need to resolve them.

#1 in Placement Rates

#1 in Placement Rates

TopMentor takes care of entire 360 degree placement processes, offers 770+ hiring partners, professional resume building, linkedin profile building, portfolio building, interview prep etc.

Lowest Fees, 10X ROI

Lowest Fees, 10X ROI

TopMentor co-founders had huge education loans when they started their careers. So when they founded the company, they were determined to keep the costs low and affordable to anyone willing to change his/her career.

Why everyone should learn Data Analytics?

Data analytics involves deriving actionable insights from data to enhance business productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

Problem-Solving Skills

Analytics involves solving complex problems making it a valuable skill both professionally and in everyday life. The ability to analyze data and draw conclusions is highly sought after.

High Demand

Data analysts are in high demand, with a looming skill shortage predicted as more industries embrace big data. This trend translates into higher salaries and numerous job opportunities for graduates with analytics skills.

Wide Range of Opportunities

The data analytics boom has created diverse job opportunities across various industries, including aviation, government, and more. This field offers exciting career prospects and the potential for global opportunities.

Growing Importance

The world of analytics is currently experiencing a significant boom, driven by the abundance of available data. As data becomes more valuable, the demand for data analysts will increase, offering better job prospects and career advancement.

Range of Skills

Data analytics encompasses more than just data manipulation and problem-solving. It also involves effective communication of complex information and often leads to the development of leadership skills, making it a well-rounded career choice.


Data-driven organizations have a 19x higher likelihood of being profitable.

Career Trajectory and Salary Trends

**Source: Glassdoor, Ambitionbox

Some of the Major Unique Contents Covered in Our Data Analytics Course.

Core Data Analytics

Core Data Analytics

This part of data analytics training covers overview of data analytics. In addition, terminologies & applications within data science along with 3 excercizes.

Python For Data Analytics

Python For Data Analytics

Don’t know python? No worries – we got your back. We will teach right from basics of python so even if you don’t know python, you would still be able to make it.

Statistics For Data Analytics

Statistics For Data Analytics

Our instructor is a master statistician & will help you easily understand and master statistics even though you are not good with maths.

Predictive Modeling & Analytics

Predictive Modeling & Analytics

Training covers detailed practical process & execution. Master logical regressions, modeling. .Master Principles of Predictive analytics.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Learn to create machine learning algorithms in python. Master making robust machine learning models & using them to solve any complex problems.

20+ Projects

20+ Projects

Dive deep and practice real time on engaging visuals & capstone projects for your portfolio. Perfect for people without any prior oop knowledge.

Visualization With TABLEAU

Visualization With TABLEAU

Master various features of tableau. Create & design the visualizations for your audience. Learn to combine the data & practices to present your story

Data Science With R-programming

Data Science With R-programming

Master how to use R programming for data science, machine learning & visualization. Use R in data analysis, data manipulation, handle files & web scraping.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

If you wanna begin your deep learning journey then this course is great for you. It is designed in easiest way such that you don’t get bogged down unnecessarily.



Best way to learn SQL is by practicing it. Install free open source database & start writing and running simple queries using data. MYSQL is a free popular database that is compatible with most operating systems.



Jira is most widely used bug tracking and project management tool. If you follow any development methodology you can easily start using Jira in your project as it provides best customization possibilities.



Github can easily be used as a collaboration platform among coders and can be used to build complex systems. As a beginner you should learn programing syntax first.

Here is our Industry Ready & Detailed Syllabus

  1. Data Analytics and its concept 
  2. Scope Of Data Analytics
  3. Data Engineering
  4. Data Stories
  5. Business Intelligence and Its concepts
  6. Application Of BI In Real World
  7. Basics Of Artificial Intelligence
  8. Applications of AI in the real world
  9. Problem statement understanding 
Assignments and 2 real case projects on design thinking.

10. What are analytics?

11. What are different types of analytics?

12. What is the scope of analytics?

13. Roles of analytics in business

14. Analytics in Excel – hands on

15. Basic statistics – Data, types of data and its functionalities

16. Descriptive Statistics – concepts and practical

17. Advance Statistics – concepts and practical

18. Inferential statistics – concepts and practical

19. Statistical algorithms – concepts and practical

20. statistics in excel – hands on

Assignments and 2 real industrial statistics case studies.

21. Basics of python (with practical hands on)

22. Data types of python (with practical hands on)

23. Operators in python (with practical hands on)

24. Loops of python 

25. Control flow in python

26. Functions in python

27. Python Libraries – pandas, numpy and sckitlearn, matplotlib, seaborn, stas module

28. Data analysis using Pandas

29. Feature engineering using pandas, matplotlib, numpy, seaborn 

Assignments & projects on python.

30. What is machine learning 

31. types of machine learning 

32. Applications of machine learning 

33. Algorithms of machine learning 

34. Machine learning algorithms using python and excel 

35. supervised machine learning – (concepts and hands on) (regressions and classifications) – linear, polynomial, multiple, KNN, decision tree, random forest

36. unsupervised machine learning – (concepts and hands on) – (clustering, PCA, LDA) K-means, hierarchical clustering

37. Data apps in python using machine learning 

Projects and real case studies on machine learning.

46. Introductions to database and its concepts

47. Introduction to Querying – knowing of syntax

48. SQL Joins and operators

49. Tables creations, Update Dates and aggregations and string functions

50. Modifying databases with SQL

51. Data wrangling and analysis with SQL

Assignments and projects for SQL.

54. Introduction to visualization

55. Concepts on different charts and graphs

56. Tableau application setup and understanding

57. Concepts of tableau – filters, joins, hierarchy, groups, sets

58. Charts and dashboards in tableau

59. Calculated field and parameters in tableau

60. Forecasting and clustering in tableau

61. Business stories in tableau

Assignments and projects for tableau.

62. Resume Building 

63. Career Preparation 

64. Landing Interviews

65. Negotiating Salary

Here are the Learning Outcomes from the course.

Here is the Ultimate Learning Path of Data Analytics Course

Data Analytics is nothing but preparing data for analysis, processing that data, performing advanced data analysis and summing up results in such a way that will enable company owners and stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Data Analysts not only have a proper skills set but also have knowledge of different backgrounds like Mathematics, Analytics, Modelling, Statistics and have the ability to make good judgements and take quick decisions in business.

Demand for Data Analysts by 2024
14 Lacs+
Average Salary of Data Analyst in India
1 M+
Job postings on Indeed
Projected increase in Data Analysts by 2024

The biggest advantage of working as a data analyst is that you can work in any industry, which can be sales, marketing, pharma, healthcare, consulting, finance, CPG, retails or any business which makes data driven decisions.

  1. Data Scientist 

  2. Data Analyst

  3. Business Analyst

  4. Tableau Developer

  5. Machine learning Engineer

  6. R Developer

  7. SQL Developer

  8. Junior data Scientist

  9. Research Analyst

  10. Statistician

  11. Data Engineer

  12. Machine Learning Scientist

  13. Data Architect

One on One Mentorship

The relationship is exclusively between one mentor and one mentee. An experienced senior mentor takes a junior mentee under their wing, sharing their wisdom, and expertise that help mentee solve doubts, problems faced during the program. This helps mentee progress faster

Award Winning Learning Management System

Learn anytime, anywhere & track your progress.

Leading MNCs and SMEs have preferred ‘Top Mentor’ for their needs of great industry ready professionals.

We have over 10 years of experience with top business professionals as mentors. Here is what our students have to say about our Best Data Analytics Course in India.

Best Data Analytics Course In India Review

Top Mentor is the best institute for Data Analytics. They helped me to clear my basics and visualization tools very well.

Nithyashree, Engineering Student, Placed in EY

Best Data Analytics Course In India Review

It has been a fruitful journey with Top Mentor. I strongly recommend to join the Data Analytics course here at Top Mentor.

Rohan Parab, Placed in i3 company - Mumbai

Best Data Analytics Training In India Review

The teaching staff here is very supportive. Real time examples & practices are very helpful. I will definitely recommend Top Mentor.

Sadaf Ansari, Student

Best Data Analytics Training Institute In India Review

The course offered at Top Mentor is awesome. They cover each topic and they show us real time scenario of what's actually happening in the outside market. It is the best institute, I recommend it to anybody looking for Data Analytics.

Kunal Dhakate, Sales & Marketing | Data Scientist at KPMG Australia

Best Data Analytics Course In India Review

It has been a great deal of help from clearing my basics in Data Analytics and Data Visualization to landing up making a high end model. Top Mentor has given a great assistance. Please enroll yourself.

Arpita Basu, Master in Economics | Now Data Analyst HSBC Bank

Confused while choosing an institute? Just because some are offering Trainers and some are offering Mentors?


There is not much difference between a trainer and a teacher. In the corporate world, a teacher is known as a trainer.

The trainer’s job is not to motivate or make an employee or a student potentially active on a targeted task, the trainer is just to explore their knowledge about a particular subject which they are specialized in. A trainer will not give you the knowledge of what can happen on a practical project/live project because a trainer isn't able to find the best way in which you can learn the particular subject or skill or concept.

Like a teacher, a trainer will provide you an environment of a classroom like you got in school and college, where the trainer will stand by in front of you behind a table. So, as we know in the classroom some of us get to understand what the trainer says and some of us not, because of miscommunication between the trainer and you the points get may be skipped.


Mentors provide you personal advice, counsel, and support with their experience of working on a project with practical examples. A mentor has far more information than a trainer because of their working status. A mentor can be more effective than a trainer. A mentor is not a full-time trainer like a trainer does. A mentor does his mentorship in their free time while they do not have other stuff to do.

Mentors stick to a commitment until the job is done. Mentors wait for the mentees to understand and complete the process, they do not rush the process until the mentee is able to complete the process on his/her own. Usually, the mentors and mentee develop their friendship when official relationships are not mandatory. Generally, a mentor is not much aware of the company’s goal and they are more concerned about the mentee’s personal goal.

At TopMentor, we only have mentors. Who are currently working as a professional in the industry. So, I bet you will never be disappointed during the class. There will be no option that you are not understanding or even incase you don’t understand, you can ask the mentor at any time and as soon as possible the mentor will reply to you and will solve your doubt you will have.

We are a ISO approved company. We provide 7 international certificates to students with their unique certificate ID. Every month out students find jobs in India and abroad with the help of these valuable international certifications. 

There are different opinions about whether one should join an online course for data analytics or an offline one.

We, at the top mentor, used to run an offline course for Data Analytics for the first couple of years but during offline sessions students were facing many problems like what if you miss a couple of classes.

In offline mode, there is no way where you can provide recording of class to students so that students can cope up with the course if some classes are missed. No student can attend 100% live classes as there could be some emergencies that come up and if they miss any of the class, the next class is nearly impossible to understand. Conversely, in online class, even if you are travelling, you can attend classes remotely and if you miss any class, we at top mentor will provide recordings of that particular class so you can cover the same.

In recording, we do not provide previously recorded sessions, for each batch their own fresh lectures are recorded and provided and hence it becomes really easy to cope up with the course even if you miss a couple of classes.

In offline mode, there is always the issue, if you don’t want to travel far from your place, you will have to settle on an average institute which is nearby and makes no sense of pursuing the course then. Rather in online mode, you can attend classes from anywhere from the world in the best data analytics institute like top mentor where you are taught by industry mentors and your travelling time will be saved.

Based on interaction or doubt resolution, we came to know that in offline mode, for many students who are shy, it’s difficult for them to ask their queries in front of other students but in online mode, you can just turn off the video and ask as many questions as you want and get your queries resolved.

Based on all these parameters, we will always recommend going for an online Data Analytics course rather than offline mode and as there is a dedicated team present at top mentor to help you out, it is one of the best Data Analytics online courses available at lowest fees in the market.

As, you want to search for the best institute for a Data Analytics course, there are some parameters which you should consider while choosing the best training institute or platform providing the best Data Analytics course. After complete research and based on students’ opinions following are crucial points which you should consider while choosing the best Data Analytics course.

  1. Course curriculum:

Data Analytics is an ocean and there are lots of things which you can learn, different portals offer different content and which eventually leads you to confusion. Best thing to do is, check with the professionals who are working in industry, check with skills which are asked in the job description of Data Analytics and crosscheck with the institute’s curriculum whether important parts are covered or not. To work in industry, you don’t need to cover everything, remember Jack of all and master of none applies here too.

  1. Teaching Faculty or Mentor:

As you will be a new bee in this field, it’s always important to have a top mentor from the field who will guide you throughout your journey. Always go for that institute which has mentors to guide you and not ordinary trainers.

Mentor is the person who is actually working in that field, executing all the concepts practically and has a good knowledge of industry. So always go for the institute who is providing you mentors not just ordinary trainers.

  1. Projects Covered:

Projects you work on during your training plays a very important role while being interviewed. So choose the particular best institute for Data Analytics which covers the maximum number of projects covering multiple domains so that you will have multiple options while appearing for an interview.

  1. Live Interactive Sessions:

Training sessions conducted in the best Data Analytics training institute in India top mentor are not one way, they are always interactive. During sessions, where you can resolve your doubts, where attention of each student is given and sessions are live, you should go to that institute for a data science course.

  1. Assignments and Personalize Feedback:

Check whether assignments during the training are given or not. Remember it’s a completely different part to learn and to execute practicals or to implement things so during the learning process it’s very important to work on assignments and get feedback on those to cross check your knowledge or whether you are lagging at a particular topic. Make sure when you choose an institute for a Data Analytics course, regular assignments are given there.

  1. Placements assistance and Support:

The important part is whether you get support from the team or not. Go for the institute where you will get support from the team and mentor to solve any issue you are facing.

In the market, there is no institute which can guarantee you the placement so be aware if some institute is claiming the same.

Any company which will hire you will definitely look whether you are having skills, knowledge as per their requirement and you are suitable for the job opening they are having after interviewing you, as ultimately it’s their company who will pay you a monthly salary. So it's you, your efforts, your practice which will land you in a good job as Data Analyst with the help of institutes which are having tie ups.

Institute which gives you a job as a data scientist will have good connections and network in companies which will help you to get your resume shortlisted and get you an  interview but to crack and interview and secure a good job ultimately depends on you so beware of false job guarantee programs.

By considering all the above points, top mentor is best training institute for Data Analytics providing best data science course.

  1. If you consider the course curriculum at top mentor, top mentor institute covers around 150+ modules, the syllabus we cover is not only most extensive but also designed by industry mentors who work industry as Data Analyst and hence you can totally rely on this syllabus to get a good job in data analytics. At top mentor you will get best teaching for data analytics online course.

  2. At top mentor, you will not get ordinary trainer but mentors who are having average 5+ years of experience in industry. Mentors at top mentor are best and working professional. During training they will relate their actual industry experience which will help you to be industry ready.

  3. In top mentor, around 15-20 projects are covered which are maximum in industry and are industry related so it’s the best choice for data analytics course as projects covered make big difference while getting placed. Top mentor institute is the best Data Analytics course in pune which concentrates more on practical part and maximum projects related to Data Analytics are covered at top mentor.

  4. Sessions conducted at top mentor for Data Analytics courses are highly interactive. We make sure that the query of each student is resolved and personal attention to each student is given irrespective of batch size. Each session is live where you can resolve your doubts on the spot. For revision purposes you will get recordings of each class so even if you miss any class, you can go through the recordings.

  1. Here at the top mentor, the mentor will give assignments on nearly every module. Each assignment submitted by student is assessed by mentor and given personalized feedback on each assignment

  2. At the top mentor, you will get the best placement assistance. We have tie ups with different HRs and companies and will help you to reach your end goal of getting a job as a data scientist. Our HR team will help you right from resume building and you will get placement assistance here till you get placed.

Have a look at some prestigious organizations, which are our major hiring partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s absolutely no eligibility for our Data Analytics mentorship program. Anyone who wants to change and transform life and career should and can join the Data Analytics masters program with Top Mentor.

Yes absolutely, you will get 100% job assistance after the end of the course. We have tie ups with placement agencies, HR’s and companies with requirements in data analytics. It helps you get more interviews and easier placements. You will get placement calls from city of your choice.

It takes upto 4-5 months to complete the entire Data Analytics masters program with Top Mentor.

‘Top Mentor’ is one of the rare Data Analytics training institute in Pune which helps 100% when you miss sessions. We will asssit you to cover up your syllabus even if you miss it. Teaching and completing your syllabus until you understand is our goal.

We have flixible batch timings both on weekdays and weekends. However, we recommend weekend batches to get more insights from industry experts.

Media Talks About Us

We are featured in prestigious media publications.

Times of India

Best data science training institute/course in India with guaranteed placement opportunities : Top Mentor


Top Mentor sets highest placement standards by placing 550+ students in the last quarter.

Outlook Magazine

Become a Renowned Data Scientist With Topmentor's Mentorship Programs.

ANI News

TopMentor, an Edtech Startup becomes the goto place for professionals seeking jobs abroad.

Women Entrepreneur

Priyanka Pandharpurkar: Encouraging An Environment of Learning To Increase The Performance of Organisations

Indian Achievers Forum

Owing to the phenomenal placement records, TopMentor stands as a promising company in the edtech world.

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